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You're About To Discover a New Style of Business Club,
One Where You Can First Develop YOURSELF
In Order To Help Your People Develop
And Your Business Thrive

Sovereign House


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,


     If you’re not currently experiencing the quality of life you aspire to or achieving the levels of success you deserve then your day is about to get a little better.


     Welcome to Sovereign Connect - a different kind of Business Club.


  • It’s not just a “networking group”
  • It’s not just a “managed office space”
  • It’s not just a “start-up incubator”
  • It’s not just a “virtual office”
  • It’s not just a “hot-desking” workspace
  • It’s not just a “co-working” environment
  • It’s ALL of these things AND SO MUCH MORE!


Interested? Read on…


Hot Desking


 So what is Sovereign Connect? 



     We like to think of Sovereign Connect as a “gym for the mind”.


     Well why not? People pay lots of money to join a gym to exercise their body, but won’t invest very much at all to exercise their mind. Sadly, many of those even fail to actually use the gym membership they pay for… over £37m a year according to statistics.


     Facilities at Sovereign Connect include; Office

  • Hot-Desking for up to 18 people
  • Coffee Lounge for Informal Meetings
  • Free Tea & Coffee for 2016
  • Hi Speed Wireless Broadband
  • Closed Online Social Network Group
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Bi Weekly “BizNet Connect” Breakfasts
  • Regular Training Workshops
  • Charity Book Library
  • Free Task Management Software
  • Free Parking




     Most of these could cost a significant amount on their own but when added together we estimate the value to be almost £900 per month…


     Also available at a small additional cost

meeting room

  • Formal Meeting / Training Rooms
  • Virtual Office Services
  • Mail Delivery Options (Collect, Forward or Scan to Mailbox)
  • Hot-Desking Telephone System
  • National or Local Telephone Numbers
  • Optional Telephone Answering Service
  • Virtual Conference Calling
  • Discounted Childcare (within 100metres)
  • Discounted Advanced Task Management Software
  • Marketing Opportunities to other Members






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Why do YOU need Sovereign Connect?

     Leading UK business coach, Christian Simpson, a good friend and mentor of one of our founders, once said to him, a business is only as good as the current thinking of its leader… his comments hit our founder like a sledgehammer.


     If business owners and leaders do nothing to develop their thinking then not only will their businesses stand still, in all likelihood they will go backwards and lose out to their competition.


     So ask yourself what you are doing to train or exercise your mind? How are you changing your current thinking?


     The fact is, most entrepreneurs do business in the same way – by copying what everyone else does they settle for mediocrity and then spend far too much time blaming the economy, the government, the competition, the weather, their staff or just bad luck for their struggle to exist.


     Why is this?


     Because they model “ordinary” rather than “extraordinary”.


     Consider this, if you wanted to be the best at the sport of your choice would you emulate someone playing at local level or would you research and learn from players at the absolute top of their game?


     So why do we discuss our business problems/issues/challenges (take your choice) with our family members at home and/or our friends down the pub? I don’t wish to be disrespectful, but more often than not they aren’t qualified to comment and their well-meaning but ill-informed advice only serves to confuse and frustrate us further.


     Statistics suggest that 80% of businesses fail in their first 5 years and 80% of those left fail in the next 5 years. Just take a moment for that to sink in… only 4 in every 100 businesses last more than 10 years. Scary eh?


     So if you want to have a business that not only survives but thrives you need to think and act like the 1% of business owners who do it differently. The millionaire minority NOT the struggling Majority.


     The great Albert Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity….. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.


     So what’s the answer?


     Getting into a leading edge environment that will encourage, enthuse, challenge and inspire you in equal measure.


Coffee Lounge


     Join a group of people who are going or have gone through the same experiences you are/have. Come share your experiences with others and them with you. Talk, listen, share and learn.


     We’ll share with you exactly how this can happen in a moment but first we’re going to try to put you off. Why? Because Sovereign Connect is NOT for every business owner…


Please don’t waste your time reading any further if you;

  • Just want desk-space or an office to rent
  • Aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to accomplish extraordinary personal growth and business success
  • Aren’t forward-thinking enough to invest in yourself and your business
  • Enjoy working 70 or 80 hours a week
  • Think your business is limited by the economy or other external factors
  • Believe highly successful entrepreneurs are BORN and can’t be developed
  • Are looking for quick fixes or short term answers
  • Are a negative thinker

     If you’re a “glass half empty” kind of person then Sovereign Connect is NOT for you.


     We really don’t like being around negativity so we won’t be providing newspapers or playing CNN around the clock on our flat screen televisions to penetrate your thought processes and fill your mind with the mayhem from all over the world…


     “Yeah great” I hear you say, “so who the hell is it for then?”….


     Sovereign Connect has been designed for a very specific niche so if any of these describes your current situation you may be exactly the kind of person Sovereign Connect was developed for;


     Small Business Owner – You’ve run a small business for many years but are struggling to take the business to the next level. You're getting increasingly frustrated as you don't have anyone to share your thoughts and challenges with. Your days are constantly interrupted by the phrase “got 5 minutes?” resulting in an hour or more of discussions. The opportunity to get away from the business, even for a few hours to work ON your business instead of IN it could be invaluable.


     Self-Employed with Home office – if you’re working from home you may be increasingly frustrated by the distractions and disturbances to your working day. Your business and home being one and the same means it's all too convenient for you to "nip into the office" at any time. You probably don't need a permanent office but the idea of being able to separate home and work life when you need to can be a great benefit.


     If you’re still reading it tells us you’re not just looking for a place to work but a place to learn, bond, share and give.  You’re serious about seeking dramatic improvements in your business and personal life and you’re prepared to work hard to ensure it happens.  It also tells us you’re just the kind of person we want to share our environment with.




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Who are we and why should you care?


     Our founders, Dave Dean and Darren James, have been entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. Based in South Wales they’re current portfolio includes a screen & digital printing business, a risk management consultancy, a software development business and a property portfolio.


Dave Dean      Dave is an entrepreneur and small business owner who’s launched more than 20 businesses mostly here in the UK but also in the US. He’s either closed or sold the majority of those businesses but still owns seven. He’s had 3 total failures and says “I’ve learned as much from my failures as I have my successes!”


     He’s a graduate of, and now sits on the steering committee of, the LEAD Wales Programme at Swansea University, one of the most successful leadership and development projects Wales has ever seen creating over 2000 jobs in its 5 year history.


     He’s also a Trustee and Director at Cardiff City Community & Education Foundation, the community arm of Cardiff City Football Club which has a tremendous impact on the youth community in South Wales reaching more than 36,000 youngsters every year.


     Dave's a co-founder of the GlobalWelsh Initiative. A group of entrepreneurs who’ve formed an initiative to connect the Welsh Diaspora (those who’ve left our beautiful country to seek fame and fortune) in an effort to develop a network, collaborate and stimulate growth here in Wales.


     He’s a practical business coach, mentor and teacher.



     Darren James is CEO of Screentec and Dave’s long suffering business partner. Screentec is the largest business in their group. Darren took the business from a £200k a year to £1.25m and it has always made a profit. Not bad considering it’s a screen and digital printing business, a hugely competitive industry in decline, based in Ferndale, RCT - one of the most deprived economic areas of the UK.


     What's also significant is that this small business in a traditional “old style” industry recently won an Excellence in Marketing Award and is enjoying an ROI (return on investment to you and me) of over 2000% on its marketing spend. (yes you read correctly - 2000%)


     So anyways, one evening the two were holding one of their “Hands-free Board Meetings” on their way home from different offices to bring each other up to speed with the events of the day. Recognising without each other to talk things over with they’d struggle and probably become extremely stressed.


     They wondered if there was anywhere they could go to “get away from the pressures of the daily workplace”, to share their challenges, knowledge, experiences (good and bad) and couldn’t find anywhere. An opportunity perhaps?


     It was some time later they bought Sovereign Court and the opportunity started to take shape. Two years later, I joined the team and we’re now ready to launch Sovereign Connect!


BrettI’m Brett Parry, General Manager here at Sovereign Connect.


I’ve spent more than 10 years jointly running a £2m turnover, valleys based business providing security services to some of the UK’s largest retailers. I believe my experience helps me to understand many of the frustrations, challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in South Wales today.


Looking for a change of career I saw the opportunity to work with Dave & Darren on this hugely exciting project. I’m extremely pleased to be on board and look forward to seeing how my own experiences can add value to the Sovereign Connect team and how I can help them serve our members.



So how can you join?



As we’ve already said, membership is not for everyone. It’s by application only and we reserve the right to reject applications if we feel you’re not a good fit for Sovereign Connect at this time.


So just hit the button below and enter your details and we’ll automatically send you our information pack and an application form.




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Still not convinced?


     Ok, let’s go through the benefits one more time.


     Shared Workspace – Our Hot Desks include ample space, ergonomic chairs, power and high speed WiFi. All services are included in the monthly membership fee.  However, for an additional fee you could select one of six permanent desks and make this your very own permanent base.  Similar facilities in the area are charging up to £200 per month for this alone.


     Coffee Lounge – Take a break from the grind in the comfort of Sam’s Coffee Lounge or hold an informal meeting with your clients and enjoy free tea or coffee for you and your guests. If you held one meeting a day with just one guest and you each drank 2 cups of coffee this could also equate to more than £200 a month.


Free Wi-Fi     Free Hi Speed WiFi is provided for members throughout the club. Broadband can also be provided via fixed cable on request. The typical cost of superfast broadband at home is £25 per month.



     We arSocial Media Iconse all on the same “ladder of life”, some are simply on different rungs to others. Our Closed Online Social Network Group will provide members with a medium through which they can discuss and address the challenges they face day to day and opportunities to help one another when needed. Invaluable.


     Our Monthly Newsletter will provide advice and tips on useful aspects of our business and personal development. Guest writers will provide regular insight into the latest entrepreneurial thinking. Members will receive their newsletters at their home address the first week of every month. Some online business development and marketing gurus charge £47 per month for this alone.


Biz Net Breakfast

     Sovereign Connect has partnered with BizNet Wales, one of Wales’ longest running and most successful networking groups, to create unique bi-weekly “BizNet Connect” Breakfasts. The usual cost for this facility is £30 per month.



Training Workshop     Regular Training Workshops run on site covering everything from Simple Accounts & Bookkeeping to Leadership and Management. From Basic Health & Safety Awareness to MS Office. From Copywriting & Marketing to Wordpress Web Design and Social Media. The majority of these workshops will be free though we have previously charged up to £47 per person per workshop. This could be worth up to £235 per month.



Charity Book Library

     Our Charity Book Library is a way of giving something back to those less fortunate than us. To start the process we’ve provided over 100 business books and more than 150 fiction books. The idea is members “borrow” books for £1 each and return them within 1 month. Each year Sovereign Connect will select a charity partner and all the proceeds from book rentals will be donated to that charity. There will also be other fund raising opportunities created throughout the year. This could save you hundreds of pounds a year in book costs.



     One of our group companies develops Task Management Software for many of the UK’s largest organisations. RAMIS is now used to help more than 100,000 sites across the UK and Sovereign Connect has negotiated FREE access to RAMIS:LITE for club members. Worth £17 per month





     Free Parking is also available for members. Potentially worth £12 per day or £240 per month based on some city based serviced offices.



The total potential value of these benefits is over £1000 monthly but the first 50 successful applicants will only pay £97 per month.




Still Not Sure?


     The following facilities are also available at additional cost.


     Formal Meeting / Training Rooms are available for hire by the hour, a half day or full day. Refreshments and buffet lunches can also be provided.


Virtual Office     Virtual Office Connect is the perfect solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to establish a more formal presence in our dynamic hub. We can provide you a mailing address and dedicated Mail Handling Service. Either collect your mail, choose to have it forwarded or we can scan it and email it to you. The perfect solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs. You are also free to specify our address as the registered address for your company with Companies House. Perfect for start-ups.



telephone      Our Hot-Desking Telephone System is state of the art. Purchase your unique local or national number and pay a small monthly fee for the line and calls. Just login using your 6 digit passkey to gain access and then again when you are ready to leave the office.  You can even port your existing number into our system for a small fee.


Telephone Answering Service


     When you’re out of the office our optional Telephone Answering Service provides a virtual receptionist who will take a message and contact details from the caller and send you an email or SMS with the details giving your clients the impression you have your very own staff. We can also transfer the important calls if you would like us to do so. Through your online dashboard you decide how we answer your calls, simply select contacts who must be transferred at all times, those for us to email a message, and those to block until further notice.


     Virtual Connect Conference Calling is a hassle free service which can be setup in seconds and you only pay for the cost of a 0844 call to your normal network provider with no hidden charges.


Little Inspirations Day Nursery


     Discounted Childcare within 100metres through our strategic partnership with Little Inspirations it's now possible to hold that meeting or finish that project safe in the knowledge your children are receiving expert childcare just a stone's throw away...




RAMIS      Discounted Advanced Task Management Software. RAMIS:ENTERPRISE is the big brother of RAMIS:LITE. If your organisation grows out of the FREE service, members can upgrade to the full system at a discounted price.



      Marketing Opportunities to other Members through our Newsletter, Website, Social Media and our Sovereign Connect in house TV channel.





     If you’re ready to apply for membership to Sovereign Connect then hit the button below and we’ll look forward to reading your application. Remember, the first 50 members will get the discounted price of £97 per month for a whole year.




Brett Parry

General Manager




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