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Have You Got What it Takes to Grow in 2017?

We know how it feels when growing your business.

Whether you’ve just made your first £500 or £500,000, the same things come up again and again.

But if there’s one thing we hear from aspiring entrepreneurs all the time, it’s this:

“Where the hell are all the people like me?”

If there are so many business popping up here, there and everywhere, where are all of the entrepreneurs and business owners hiding?

Where do all these people go when they want to excel and grow?

Who do they turn to for advice? Is there someone – anyone - to look out for them, without spinning them a tall tale and patting down their pockets?

Ever stood in a stale ‘networking event,’ with a lukewarm tea and 40 people shoving their business cards in your face?

Or have you ever tried to conduct a meeting with a client in your local CostArbucks, only to be faced with sticky tables, students and screaming kids?

Hardly the right environment to get you in the mind set for inspiration and growth, is it?

So, Where Do You Meet People Who Want to Live a Different Life?

You've probably heard that old quote — “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. 

Who do you spend your time with?

Who helps you stretch and challenge yourself on a daily basis?

Who sees your worth? Not in a monetary sense – but your actual inner worth. Your potential?

Pay attention to the response you get the next time you tell a friend or even a trusted staff member about something new you’re working on.

How do they respond when you say you want to grow, to be bigger and better than before? Are they even on the same page? Do they share your vision?

“Sovereign has been ideal for us, we live locally, our main office is within our home and we are a small team. I think it’s important that your work location is an extension of your business not just somewhere you go to work or to have meetings.

“I think a lot of business owners will recognise the feeling that it’s nice to have the support of people wanting you to do well. Business owners need a place to learn, grow and achieve. This is a space to make good things happen and I’m excited for the future. 

“I’m now working on a business based book, I hope to finish that this year and more growth is definitely on the cards, we increased our turnover last year (15/16) by over 33% and on track to do the same if not more this current tax year. Being in charge of your own income and work schedule can have its down sides, but we have absolutely no regrets, we love it! And when you get good at it: freedom!”

- Louise Blackburn, Amber Couch 

You Need the Space to Grow Your Business

It’s weird isn’t it? None of us wants to be stuck in a mundane existence. We all want to create a life that matters – a real legacy.

But for some reason, it becomes almost seductive to keep doing what we’ve always done. To ‘just keep peddling’.

Einstein is famously credited as saying it is a sign of insanity to keep doing the same thing every time and expecting a different result.

For you though, when you hear ‘this is the way it’s always been done’, your heart sinks.

You know there's a better way. But it's exasperating trying to convey your vision and enthusiasm to others who are happy to just plod through life.

Perhaps sometimes you see others doing well and you want that same level of success for yourself…and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to go after it. 


Is it ‘business as usual for you in 2017 or are you looking for other options and possibilities to grow your business?

If you have a business you know is worth fighting for... if you are an entrepreneur rather than a wantrepreneur... if you know you want to live a different kind of life…then it's time to surround yourself with the right people.

50 Fully Funded Spots Available

Break the Cycle in 2017

It starts with connecting with the right people.

There’s a world of difference between people who are content to just tread water and who are happy following life’s rules vs the people who want to push, to be challenged and blaze their own trails.

This is why Sovereign Connect was created.

The great thing about surrounding yourself with people in the Sovereign Connect community is that you don’t have to hide your ambitions. In fact, they push you to think bigger.

There’s a whole world of amazing, interesting people out there. But you can’t find them by reading a book or joining online courses.

You don’t need more “information.” You need to surround yourself and build connections with people doing extraordinary things — the kind of people who push you to think even bigger.

If you can’t face another version of 2016 and you’re looking to excel this year and well in to 2018, then register for GROW 2017.

Be The Best You

There’s a couple of things to note if any of the above strikes
a chord with you. 

We’re not talking about catapulting beginners straight into the Fortune 500. 

We’re not propped up by PR, grants or handouts and we don’t offer magic formulas.

However, we can promise there’ll be absolutely no bean bags, upcycled traffic cone tables or ping pong going on.

Our business community is a serious place to get better at what you do and give you food for thought. A space where like-minded people can connect and grow.

It could mean more networking opportunities or a chance to obtain new tools and strategies to help you get more sales.

Or maybe you need advice on how to get more from your marketing or strategies on pricing or staffing from seasoned professionals.

The Grow 2017 programme is about bringing together a community of professionals, all helping each other with the serious business of growing and getting better.

“My early involvement with Sovereign has been great because although I was experienced in running my own accounts in previous roles, managing staff has been something I’ve needed help with. There’s another business located within the Sovereign Community who are an HR business – their support and advice has been invaluable.

“There’s a supportive atmosphere here and for me - a separate location to my main premises, where I can work on the business as opposed to in the business. 

It allows me dedicated time and space away from the business, so I can simply focus on the future and resilience of the business.  I’m looking forward to more opportunities to expand my knowledge this year.”

- Tom Dean, Screentec

What Is The Grow Programme All About?

We have two guiding principles on the GROW 2017 PROGRAMME:

LEARN FROM THE BEST: We provide opportunities to learn from people who’ve grown a business in a way you can relate to – not by sucking up to you, churning out spammy promotions or posting lots of social media self-promotion – but from people who’ve calmly and methodically grown self-sufficient, respected businesses.

FOCUS ON WHAT WORKS: We only focus on tried and tested methods to grow your business and our community extends beyond our base in Llantrisant. We run our businesses by staying in touch with the latest business practices and current thinking, whether that’s on leadership and executive coaching, software design or digital marketing.

FREE Mentoring, Workspace and Training

Here's What You Get 

  •   Free Use of Our Coworking Space / Coffee Lounge
  •   Free Coaching & Mentoring Support
  •   Free Weekly Seminars and Workshops
  •   Free Parking
  •   Free WI-FI & Superfast Broadband
  •   A Library of Resources for Entrepreneurs
  •   Entry to BizNet Networking Mornings
  •   Access to Hot Desking Space
  •   Video Conferencing Equipment Available
  •   Meeting/Conferencing Rooms.

"I’m Too Busy, Though!"

Sure. All Type A people are! 

We understand as much as anyone the pressures you face in your business. The Grow 2017 programme is about introducing you to the possibilities for taking your business to the next level. 

It’s your call on how long you want to spend doing that and it’s up to you how much time you want to spend at Sovereign. 

A little bit of something is better than nothing at all. 

We want to help you move towards your goals so that you can achieve the independence and freedom you deserve.

Stop plodding and start planning for greatness in 2017 and be the best version of you to take your business forward.

Take Action before someone else 
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